Advancing Band Instrument Rentals

You're child is enjoying being a part the school's band and it's time to take the next step, but you're concerned.

Can I afford to upgrade?

Rent toward ownership and apply payments from your beginning rental so your child can take their musicianship to the next level!

Trusted by Band Directors in 90+ Ohio School Districts, Including...

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Obtaining Your Child's Step-Up Instrument Couldn't Be Easier

Rent Online

Upgrade to an intermediate, "step-up" instrument easily in a matter of minutes.

Leave a Note

While renting, let us know you want to apply rental credit from your beginner instrument so we know to get it from you.

Have It Delivered

We'll deliver to your school so it's there when your child needs it. Or you can come pick it up!

What is a Step-Up Instrument?

lacquer student trumpet with mouthpiece

Student Instrument

Student-level instruments are built for durability - they're being used by children who've never held one before!

They're also built to help children decide if band is what they want to do, long-term.

Intermediate Instrument

Intermediate (or "step-up") instruments take on the main features of a professional instrument that improve sound quality and ease of play without incorporating every one.

For 95% of people, this could be considered a "lifetime" instrument.

Professional Instrument

Pro instruments are built for optimum sound quality - the professional always wants to sound his/her best!

Pro's meticulously take care of their instruments, so they don't worry about durability.

Why Step Up?

Improved Sound Quality

Because the instrument is made of higher quality materials, an intermediate instrument will help your child sound better - instantly!

Greater Ease of Play

Whether it's physical limitations disappearing or keeping certain notes in tune more easily, each step-up instrument makes it easier to achieve higher levels of mastery more quickly.


When band directors and private teachers are able to focus on developing your child's musicianship, everyone wins!

Enhanced Player Confidence

Improving their sound. Making it easier to play their instrument. More motivated to practice. Children are sure to see confidence in their musical abilities grow by leaps and bounds!

Increased Motivation

What child wouldn't take pride in a nice, new instrument? Fan the proverbial flame of a child who's loving band!

Own Your Instrument When the Time is Right

You can take 30% off your remaining balance to own the instrument at any time!

What Customers Are Saying...


I was concerned, wondering if we'd be able to afford an instrument, but we found that renting was easy and affordable...I would recommend Kincaid's without hesitation!

Lisa Mossing and her daughter Ana

Lisa Mossing

Beavercreek, OH


We recommend [renting as] an affordable opportunity for kids to learn to play an instrument...and [we're] completely confident in the expertise of everyone at Kincaid's.

The Kuziak Family

Margie Kuziak

Springfield, OH

Teacher-Approved Brands

Ensure the instrument your child is learning on will help them succeed!

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Monthly Payment

Your Monthly Rental Rate is based on the cosmetic condition of the instrument you choose.


Never been rented.


Previously rented.

May have blemishes, but looks great!


New       $65

Select                $55

M&R                            +$10


New       $45

Select                $35

M&R                            +$10


New       $70

Select                $55

M&R                           +$10


New     $95

Select            $80

M&R                         +$10


New       $45

Select                $35

M&R                            +$10


New       $95

Select                $80

M&R                             +$10


New      $75

Select              $60

M&R                          +$10


New       $55

Select               $45

M&R                            +$10


New       $45

Select               $35

M&R                           +$10


New       $60

Select               $50

M&R                           +$10

Total Monthly Payment is the Monthly Rental Rate plus M&R* and sales tax.

Levels of cosmetic condition subject to availability.

*Maintenance & Replacement Coverage

All Kincaid's instruments are guaranteed to be in great playing condition. Each instrument is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and adjusted by our technicians prior to availability.

Own Your Instrument at Any Time

You're never under any obligation!


All of your timely monthly rental rate payments accumulate as credit toward the ownership of your student instrument.

12 mo.

12 months worth of rental credit from your student instrument can transfer to an intermediate, "step-up" instrument. That means it's possible for every penny to go toward one, lifetime instrument.

30% off

Take 30% off your remaining balance to own your instrument at any time. You're never under any obligation to continue renting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rental program a rent-to-own program?

While our program is not technically a rent-to-own program, it functions in much the same way. 100% of your timely Monthly Rental Rate is accumulating as credit toward the ownership of your instrument (the Maintenance & Replacement and tax do not).

You can take 30% off the remaining balance at any time while you're renting and own the instrument, or you can own it after your rental credit accumulates to the purchase price of the instrument.

Do you require a credit review?

Not necessarily - if you have established good credit history with us from a previous rental, then we won't need to check credit.

If you have not rented from us before, then we will need to check credit to finalize your rental.

What if I don't pass your credit requirement?

You have two options.

First, you can have someone co-sign with you that can meet the credit requirement.

Second, you can purchase the instrument. There may be financing options available if you go this route.

Why should we rent from Kincaid's rather than somewhere else?

This is our favorite question!

1. Rent Your Step-Up Toward Ownership!
As of now, none of our competitors offer an intermediate, step-up rental program.

2. Apply Payments From Beginner Rental
12 months worth of rental credit from your beginner rental can apply to your step-up rental, so it's possible that all of your payments will count toward one, lifetime instrument for your child.

3. Weekly School Visits
We make weekly visits to your school. Others don't, or if they do, are unreliable. No matter what you may need, we'll be there each week to take care of you.

4. Unmatched Instrument Quality
We carry the most teacher-approved name brands in the area, including Yamaha Allegro instruments, among others.

5. Online Ordering
Order accessories online and have them delivered to school for FREE!

6. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We offer a 30 Day money-back guarantee (no one we know does).

How many monthly payments would it take before I own the instrument?

All rentals in the Advancing Musician Rental Program are 36 months. The number of months is reduced appropriately if you apply credit from your Beginning Musician Rental Instrument.

If you want to know every detail, we've got nothing to hide! Call us at 937.325.7071 or email and we'd be happy to help!

Your Instrument Awaits

Join our amazing community of customers!


Join over 50,000 parents who have rented from Kincaid's!


We work directly with band directors in over 90 Ohio School Districts!

65 yrs

We've been a fixture for music in Ohio for over 65 years!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied, return the instrument and accessories within 30 days in the same condition and we'll refund your money. It's that simple. If you still thought there was risk, this should help. It's one more thing that sets us apart!

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