String Instrument Rentals

You're child came home excited to join the school's orchestra, but you've got concerns.

Can I afford an instrument? What if it breaks? What if they quit?

Rent toward ownership and put your mind at ease so your child can get the experience of a lifetime!

Trusted by Music Directors in 85+ Ohio School Districts, Including...

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Obtaining Your Child's Instrument Couldn't Be Easier

Choose An Instrument

Find the instrument your child is excited about playing and likes the sound of best.

Start Your Rental

You can complete your online rental in a matter of minutes.

Have It Delivered

We'll deliver to your school so it's there when your child needs it. Or you can come pick it up!

Why Rent Toward Ownership?


If playability is compromised, you're covered while renting. Loaners are also available upon request, though subject to availability.

If you bought, you have to add the cost of upkeep on top of your purchase.


Fire or theft - it happens! While renting, you'll get another instrument right away.

If you purchase, you'll have to work with your insurance company. It may be weeks or months before your child is playing again.


If you can't continue after buying your instrument, you're stuck with an instrument collecting dust.

If you're renting, just bring it back! You'll have saved yourself a lot of time and money!


Many string players start on smaller sized instruments. While renting, you can move up in size as your child grows - or from one instrument to another - with 100% of your rental credit following.

Those that bought their instrument are, unfortunately, out of luck.


Once your child is ready to move up from their student instrument, your rental credit can apply to their step-up instrument.

If you bought your student-level instrument, this becomes much more difficult.

Own Your Instrument When the Time is Right

Whether you want to own the beginner instrument or upgrade and own an intermediate instrument, you can apply 100% of your accumulated rental credit toward purchasing the instrument at any time!

What Customers Are Saying...


I was concerned, wondering if we'd be able to afford an instrument, but we found that renting was easy and affordable...I would recommend Kincaid's without hesitation!

Lisa Mossing and her daughter Ana

Lisa Mossing

Beavercreek, OH


We recommend [renting as] an affordable opportunity for kids to learn to play an instrument...and [we're] completely confident in the expertise of everyone at Kincaid's.

The Kuziak Family

Margie Kuziak

Springfield, OH


Initial Payment

Get everything you need to get started on your instrument and your first month of rent is FREE!

Monthly Payment

100% of your Monthly Rental Rate accumulates toward the ownership of the full-size instrument you choose.

All Sizes




+ $4



+ $7

String Bass
(9 mo. minimum rental required)


+ $10

beginner violin rental

All Sizes




+ $4



+ $7

String Bass
(9 mo. minimum rental required)


+ $10

All Sizes




+ $4



+ $7

String Bass
(9 mo. minimum rental required)


+ $10

Total Monthly Payment is the Monthly Rental Rate plus M&R and sales tax.

*Maintenance & Replacement Coverage

All Kincaid's instruments are guaranteed to be in great playing condition. Each instrument is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and adjusted by our technicians prior to availability.

Top Quality Brands

Help your child succeed by making sure their instrument isn't hindering their improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rental program a rent-to-own program?

While our program is not technically a rent-to-own program, it functions in much the same way. 100% of your timely Monthly Rental Rate is accumulating as credit toward the ownership of any full-size instrument (the Maintenance & Replacement and tax do not).

You can pay your remaining balance at any time while you're renting and own the instrument, or you can own it after your rental credit accumulates to the purchase price of the instrument.

Do you require a credit review?

No, but we do have credit requirements in order to rent an instrument. 

To avoid a credit review, you may present a major credit card (not debit card) at the time of rental, though you don't have to use the credit card to pay with.

If you don't have one and don't want to do a credit review, you can also have someone co-sign with you who can present a major credit card or successfully pass our credit review.

What if I don't pass your credit requirement?

We offer a guaranteed buy-back program. You can purchase the instrument and take the 30% early-pay discount.

If you need to return the instrument within the first school year (prior to your child's last day of school), you may do so and we will give you your money back, less what you would have spent in rent over the same time period.

Why should we rent from Kincaid's rather than somewhere else?

This is our favorite question!

1. Weekly School Visits
We make weekly visits to your school. Others don't, or if they do, are unreliable. No matter what you may need, we'll be there each week to take care of you.

2. Avoid a Credit Review
Present a major credit card (not debit) at the time of your rental and skip the review that you'll have to endure elsewhere.

3. Unmatched Instrument Quality
We carry the most teacher-approved name brands in the area.

4. Spend Less to Start
Pay for a trial period and for the book, stand, and other accessories - meaning you'll pay $50-100+ just to get started?! You can do all of this with us for just $39.99!

5. Online Ordering
Order accessories online and have them delivered to school for FREE!

6. Upgrade
Apply payments toward an intermediate (step-up) instrument, which you can also rent until you own it! No one around offers intermediate instrument rentals, let alone applying payments toward it!

6. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We offer a 30 Day money-back guarantee (no one we know does).

How many monthly payments would it take before I own the instrument?

There are so many variables, it's hard to give you an exact number without knowing your specific situation. As a rule of thumb, 60 months may get you in the ballpark, though some instruments take much less time, and some take a bit more.

Many children start a string instrument at a young age, and need all of those months to grow into a full-size instrument. There's no sense in making you own an instrument that will be outgrown!

If you want to know every detail, we've got nothing to hide! Call us at 937.325.7071 or email and we'd be happy to help!

Your Instrument Awaits

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We work directly with music directors in over 85 Ohio School Districts!

65 yrs

We've been a fixture for music in Ohio for over 65 years!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied, return the instrument and accessories within 30 days in the same condition and we'll refund your money. It's that simple. If you still thought there was risk, this should help. It's one more thing that sets us apart!

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