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Customer Service Specialist

Kincaid's Music is a musical instrument and accessory retail store (brick & mortar and online) that helps people find the instruments and accessories they need to make great music that positively impacts humans and the world. Yet many, especially parents of school band and orchestra participants, don’t know what they need. We help them find instruments affordably and guide them through their (or their child’s) musical journey.


Customer Service Specialist


Director of Sales




Springfield, OH


Guide those who call, email or come into the store to by pointing out relevant and timely solutions to the problems they face, as well as warning them of potential issues they may not yet see and providing them with a way to easily and affordably navigate those challenges.

Sales being the engine that allows the entire company to run effectively, win/win situations must be found between customer and company so we can continue to help as many people begin and advance in instrumental music as we can.


Three Primary Roles

The customer service specialist will have three primary responsibilities in their position.

In-Store Customer Service

Assist with customer service in our building - answer phones and help walk-in customers by identifying needs and getting them to the right team member promptly.

Back-Up the Sales Team

Step in to make sure waiting customers are appropriately taken care of. This could mean taking care of customers who need something simple so sales specialists can work with customers who need more specialized, in-depth guidance.

Assist with Tasks

There are numerous tasks that need done, like preparing mailings, making phone calls, maintaining instruments, shipping orders, and assisting with merchandising.

Show our prospective customers that you understand them better than anyone, care about them more than our competitors, and help them by offering our products and services!

Role Competencies


You are able to set goals, focus on the task at hand, and won’t rest until you’ve achieved them.


You aren't just ok, but excited about helping other employees do their jobs well. You don't mind working in a support capacity and are willing to do whatever is necessary to help the team achieve our mission.

Customer Centric

You focus on how we can create a world-class experience for our customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Good Time Management

You are great at time management and know how to protect others’ time so they are able to focus on their most important tasks. You use "down" time wisely and don't need constant oversight to do so.


You are able to be fluid and flexible and do not cave when there is additional stress (and also know what needs to be done when things are less stressful to move goals forward).

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This Job May be for You

if you have these qualities...

A Producer - Driven, Fearless, & Focused

Amazing people skills

Think quickly on your feet

Excellent communicator - you're an incredible listener

Humble - willing to support / serve other employees

Maintain great interpersonal relationships

A creative, positive, & empathetic spirit

Gregarious and winsome

Work well independently

Always on time (or early)

You're a born go-getter - always looking for ways to add value, do better work, develop relationships, build others up, and make the world a better place.


Please DO NOT apply for this position if you...

aren't willing or open to receiving constructive feedback.

struggle to actively listen or being empathetic.

have no experience in music, particularly school band or orchestra.

do not consider yourself one of the most motivated, fearless, result-oriented, resilient, and driven people you know.

do not consider yourself a people-person.

If you don't resonate with the above disqualifiers and your friends and family can back you up on that, we may just be a match! 

Do You Qualify?

At Kincaid's Is Music, we believe in finding people that are a great match for the role they play. That's why we're looking for the right candidate who has the perfect combination of being driven by purpose and fueled by passion, and is open to being coached to their next level of growth.

MBA's, GPA's, and degrees aren't what we're looking for over here, although if you have them, that's great! What matters more is that your heart is in it and you have a track record of getting stuff done!

**That being said, feel free to apply even if you don't check all the boxes below. Just make sure to mention that in your application and explain why we should consider you!**

Required Qualifications

Have music experience in your past
Can stand the majority of the workday
You are dependable & reliable in your attendance

Preferred Qualifications

You have experience in customer service/support
You were involved in instrumental school music (band or orchestra).

The Pay

Starting Pay

Negotiable based on experience


Simple IRA (w/ Matching Contributions)
Employee Purchase Discounts
Fun & Friendly Work Environment

About Kincaid's Is Music

Kincaid’s Is Music is the top music instrument and accessory company in Ohio for school music, founded in 1955 by Bradley Kincaid. We help our customers make sure that they and their children have access to instruments that will help them learn and thrive. We believe everyone deserves a music education, and want to make that a reality for as many people as possible, while setting them up for musical and personal success. 

We are a small-but-mighty, purpose-driven team of 19 from all over the Miami Valley and Central Ohio.

Kincaid's Is Music Storefront

Our Core Values

They aren't just cool sayings - we commit to live them every day...


Value 1

Love, protect, and respect our customers.


value 2

Eliminate confusion - keep all things simple for our customers and employees.


value 3

Pursue learning everyday


value 4

Nurture a positive, supportive and cooperative team environment


value 5

Make decisions and own the results, all while striving to get better


value 6

Enjoy the wins!

Why Kincaid's and why now?

Pivotal Time

We are in a pivotal and exciting time in our company. We are leaders in our industry and have a track record of working with the top experts and thought leaders in the music education space. We are growing our customer base and need the right person who is hungry and excited to grow and scale our company.

Committed to Your Growth

We are committed to our team members’ growth as humans and in business so you develop into the best version of yourself.  

'A' Players

Our team members enjoy working here. We have a team of high-performers who are committed to excellence while having fun doing it!

Leaders in our Industry

Our company is seen among the leaders in our industry, regularly listed as one of the top 200 music retailers in the nation and the best in the Miami Valley and Central Ohio.

See what our employees are saying about us

We didn't even have to twist their arms!

"I have never encountered a company that fulfills the wants and needs of both it's customers & employees as passionately and effectively as Kincaid's."

Dan Stevens, Senior Repair Technician

Dan Stevens

Senior Repair Technician

"My life has changed for the better...since I started working for Kincaid's. Management wants the employees here to succeed, and the level of empathy that they exhibit toward the staff and the customers is off the charts. You are challenged with meeting goals, but you are given all the tools you need to meet them. The team atmosphere here is outstanding! I really cannot recommend Kincaid's enough, and I'm greatly thankful to be here."

Brad Pipenger

Band & Orchestra Specialist

"Being in the music industry with amazing people who I get to build relationships with every day makes for an incredibly enjoyable work experience."

Charlie Boucher, Music Education Consultant

Charlie Boucher

Music Education Specialist

"I enjoy working for Kincaid's because every team member is valued - they each play a crucial role in helping us achieve our mission."

Dan Finfrock

Music Education Specialist

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Submit your form as soon as possible and be sure to apply before then. If we find the right application sooner, we will act!

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Frequently asked questions

Is the job full-time?

Nope - this is a part-time job.

What does the job pay?

Feel free to ask about this when speaking with us - we have nothing to hide! It just depends, so we would need to talk with you to determine starting pay. Pay is negotiated based on status  (full- or part-time) and experience.

I have other questions - who can I ask?

Feel free to email us at info@kincaidsmusic.com - we'd be happy to answer your questions!

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