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Parent’s Music Gift Guide: 10 Gift Ideas for Young Musicians


Finding gifts can be hard.

You want to get something meaningful and worthwhile, and at the same time, get something the recipient will be delighted by.

I’ve given and received gifts that have gone over like a lead balloon.

How much of a hero would you be if you got a music gift for your young musician on that next special occasion?!

When you have a musician in your life, there are plenty of reasons to buy them music-related gifts.

First and foremost, playing music can be an enormously beneficial activity. It can help them in various areas of their lives. It can help them develop social skills, cognitive reasoning, self-esteem, and the overall satisfaction of mastering something they love.

Buying them a music gift is a great way to encourage them in this pursuit. It will give them that much more reason to keep practicing and let them know they have your support.

Meaningful? *Check*

Worthwhile? *Check*

Delighted recipient? *Check*

Sounds like a winner to me!

Whether it’s a kit to help them take care of their instrument or a chance to experience a spectacular performance, there are tons of ways to provide the perfect music gift for the music lover in your life.

Music Gift Ideas for Music Lovers and Band/Orchestra Students

Young girl and mom playing with a guitar on Christmas

As with any skill or hobby, there are always new things to learn, tools to acquire, and experiences to provide inspiration.

Whether you’re shopping for someone who loves rocking out with their guitar, playing violin in the orchestra, or blaring their trumpet in the school band, you can always find something that fits into their favorite activity. 

When considering the ideal music gift for your young music student, ask yourself this:

  • What kind of music do they enjoy?
  • Do they play an instrument?
  • What do they have?
  • Are they missing something?
  • What could make their experience with music better?

Providing a simple music gift now and then may just help to motivate them to keep practicing.

Regardless of the answer, you can always find something that enhances their capabilities and appreciation of the craft.

Tools and Accessories for Music Students

1. Tuners & Metronomes

There isn’t a single musician who wouldn’t benefit from a tuner or metronome – you can’t miss here.

For most instruments, tuners are a precious tool when starting out.

With tuners, it’s easy to tune every string, tuning slide, drum head, or anything else as precisely as it needs to be so you can get started playing right away.

It’s much simpler than trying to tune to other instruments, particularly with those who are new to their instruments.

And when they’re practicing at home, that’s often not an option.

Metronomes, on the other hand, are important for helping a musician keep track of the tempo of the music they’re playing.

It’s amazing how often a musician, especially a young one, will slow down or speed up while playing without even noticing.

Practicing to a metronome will solve that problem in no time.

2. Maintenance and Care Kits

Musical instruments need regular care, just like any other tool, appliance, or mechanism.

Guitars often need new strings, trumpets need valve and tuning slide oil, and clarinets need swabs and cork grease.

It’s also a good idea to have the necessary tools to keep the instrument clean and sanitary, especially for instruments with mouthpieces.

Maintenance and care kits are a good music gift choice. They ensure that students have everything they need to keep their instruments clean and in working order. 

3. Stands, Cases, and Covers

Another important aspect of taking care of musical instruments is how to store them while they’re not being used.

Propping a cello up against the wall, for example, is a pretty risky way of storing it. Having a nice case is always useful for storage, but it’s also the best way of carrying an instrument to school or lessons.

Hard cases for some instruments can be more expensive, but they are worth it for the extra protection.

For some instruments like guitars, basses, cellos, and more, having a stand is also a great way to keep an instrument safe while it’s not being played.

acoustic guitar on a guitar stand at home

They’re also nice for putting the instrument on display for one’s friends, and for having it close by and ready to play at a moment’s notice.

4. Interesting Sheet Music

One of the most exciting aspects of the craft for any student of music is learning new and interesting things to play.

These days, it’s not uncommon to find all kinds of sheet music of contemporary songs from heavy metal to top 40 hits. 

Books are also great for practicing the kind of music your child loves.

The great thing is that no matter what kind of music they’re learning, they’re always sharpening their skills and gaining the experience they need to be better players.

5. Essential Accessories

With some instruments, there are certain things you’ll always need and things that always come in handy.

Guitar players always need picks, percussionists always need sticks or mallets, and saxophonists and clarinetists always need new reeds.

It never hurts to stock up on these kinds of items, which you’ll need sooner or later anyway.

Other accessories worth considering are:

Many of these sorts of items make great stocking stuffers at Christmas. Speaking of great stocking stuffers…

6. Music Gift Cards

Of course, one option is to give your child a choice in what kind of gear and accessories they can get.

Gift cards to the music store are perfect for allowing them to decide what would suit them best in pursuing their music education.

And what musician wouldn’t love a gift card to the music store?!?!

This way, you can be a gift-giving genius and your musician can be guaranteed to love their gift – sounds like a win/win to me! 😉

In addition, this can help your child keep to a firm budget and still provide them with something they can use.

It may also provide a good excuse to visit the store together to decide on what to purchase. You may even learn something new from your child or grow to understand each other a little better in the process.

7. The Step-Up Rental Program

Teenager looking at a violin in a music store

Playing a better, brand-new instrument is one of the most exciting things a young musician can do.

Not only does it make practicing and playing more enjoyable, but it can also help them take their skills to the next level.

Instruments may be expensive, but with the step-up rental program, you can provide a better instrument for your child while saving a significant amount of money.

New Experiences for Music Lovers

**While some of the following ideas may be more difficult right now due to COVID-19, they’re great to keep in mind for the future!**

8. Check Out Local Events

Exposure to the arts can inspire new tastes, new ideas, and a new appreciation for the craft they love.

Live performances are always exciting, but you don’t necessarily need to attend a packed stadium to have that experience (especially now!)

Chances are, there is a variety of small to medium-sized events happening somewhere near you, or even online. Numerous venues between Dayton and Columbus host live music and other artistic performances on a regular basis.

Even better, many of them are open to all ages.

Keep an eye on local publications, Facebook events, and other public spaces to learn about new acts heading your way.

9. Tickets to the Symphony or Orchestra

For band and orchestra students, seeing career professionals in a live performance can be an incredibly powerful moment.

symphony orchestra in a concert hall preparing to perform before a large audience

Here in Ohio, the Springfield Symphony and Dayton Philharmonic are two of the most prominent classical music groups in the region.

During normal, pre-pandemic times, they usually performed at their respective music halls about once a month. Tickets are quite affordable and often discounted for children and students.

Be sure to watch for special package deals and thematic performances of popular composers and soundtracks.

Hopefully they’ll be back to performing regularly soon – they’ll need your support more than ever!

10. Local All-Ages Open Mics

If your kid loves music, they would probably love the chance to perform for a small audience sometime.

Visit your local coffee shops for all-ages open mic nights. These events are often welcoming to performers of all kinds and super supportive to artists in development. 

You probably want to see what they’re like yourself. You can also ask around before you bring your child. But the right open mic event is a fantastic way for young musicians to open up and show off their talents.

It’s also a great way to meet other artists, make connections, and watch others expressing themselves.

Encourage a Passion for Knowledge and the Arts

Your child’s musical journey is one that can transform their entire life for the better.

As a parent, you know they’re learning something that will stick with them as they grow older.

Music has the potential to open doors and new areas of expression. With your encouragement, this can change the course of their future in so many ways creatively, professionally, and emotionally.

Appreciation for music can lead to an appreciation for other areas of academics and the arts. Music is also valuable because it requires dedication to master.

Providing a simple music gift now and then may just help to motivate them to keep practicing. It can also encourage more learning and help them develop a passion for music.

In time, who knows? Their talents could take them around the world and into the future with every reason for you to feel proud.

What’s the best musical gift you ever received? Have you hit a home run with giving a great musical gift? Let us know in the comments below!


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